Hey guys! I really need to apologize for not being the constant blogger I want to be, I’ve been working hard on my book + collaborating in other places + editing some videos because Gaby and I are starting a vlogging project; that said, I think I’ll take this weekend to read your blogs + comment and my next post will be up this Monday. In the meantime a really good friend featured + quoted me in a blog post about monogamous and poly relationships, if you read Spanish you can find it here. Here blog is absolute genius, and she’s been translating some of her posts to English, so you should really read her stuff! // lean su blog! ;D.

And last but not least, my anonymity will die soon (insert amazed whispers from an audience here) and you’ll get to see my face and listen to my thick, exotic accent (Ha!). Even though I have lots of new followers, I’m convinced that only five people read this blog…

so do you guys think you could be so kind as to like and/or comment this post if you happen to read my rants regularly? It would be very appreciated. ♡ ✌

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Nope, still clean (:


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