Kill your Anonymity, or Prastí Minyá Máma.

Hey Guys. I’ve been a mess and I hope to go back to regular posting later this month, but I’ve been obsessed with finishing my book (and I started a new one), I opened a tumblr which I have to say is glorious and I’ve been taking some pictures and editing them, because I’m planning to send my official set in April to Suicide Girls, and since so far I’m a one-woman-team, decent pics take time, effort and concentration.

This is me on tumblr, which is where all the magic of the internet comes together. (I fucking love tumblr)

Featured image

So, now that I’ve made my blog public on my facebook I gues the natural next step would be to show my face here. So hi, readers, Farah Maritane Zinger is an anagram for Regina Martínez Faahri and Inna is maybe the only short form of Regina that I don’t hate…A blog make over is soon to follow, since there’s no need to hide anyone’s identity anymore

So, mystery solved, now that my anonymity is dead I guess I can tell you where to find me:


Instagram (SGHopeful)


Tumblr (again because it rocks)


Ask (don’t be shy, you can ask as anonymous)

Youtube (soon)

Blog in Spanish (a million times more neglected than this one)

Featured image

And I think that’s it…

Happy pi day, people ❤


One thought on “Kill your Anonymity, or Prastí Minyá Máma.

  1. You are brilliant and I hope I haven’t heard from you recently because you’re working your butt off. Much love and creative vibes coming your way! BTW, I’m gonna add you on IG and Twitter 🙂

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